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Tradition, Science and ... Daring !

Our ambition at Rampone & Cazzani has been to find the perfect symbiosis between artist and instrument. The combination of Science, Nature which surrounds us, and a dash of chance taking - following our hunches and gleaning knowledge from serendipitous moments - leads us ever forward in our search for True Beauty in Sound !!
Our experimentation with various Pure Metals has led is to the realization that in all metal hides a Unique Soul. We continue our search to release this Soul in Sonority !!

Materials and Finishes

The rewards of getting intimate with Metals

Each Pure Metal resonates differently and offers contrasting experiences to the player - the Softness and Warmth of Copper, the Double Personality of Brass, the Complexity of Sterling Silver - all offer the discerning player a colorful palette of possible sonorities.

Straight line
... his Tenor
Inclination matters

After years of searching for the "perfect sound" a Rampone Sax is Born.

  • Rampone's wide bore
  • Neck, Body, Bow and Bell - made by Hand
  • Natural Brass - without any additional coating
  • Matt finish which slows the oxidation process
  • Unlacquered which frees the harmonics
  • Ergonomics
  • Hand engraved
  • 100% made by Hand in Italy
  • Range from low Bb to high F#
  • Options
    Without high F# (/NOF#) -0,150 gr

Metals Tenor

Metals Finish
AG925 Sterling Silver
Neck Brass Silver plated
Body Sterling Silver Natural
Keys Brass Silver plated
SC Solid Copper
Neck Brass Silver plated
Body Copper Natural
Keys Brass Silver plated
SB Solid Bronze
Neck Brass Silver plated
Body Bronze Natural
Keys Brass Silver plated
SNS Solid Nickel Silver
Neck Brass 24 Karat Gold Plated
Body Solid Nickel Silver Natural
Keys Brass 24 Karat Gold Plated

Colli Saxofono Custom

Available necks

Regular - X Extreme - XX Double Extreme

Kit R&C

Cork grease - shoulder strap - internal cleaning clothes - microfibre cloth - mouthpiece - legature, reed and cap. (The accessory kit may undergo variations in shape or color. Images inserted for illustrative purposes only).

    New Metals,
    un suono
    il tuo