R&C Alto


Alto Solista

Alto Solista

The Solista … creating the Space where Expression takes place !!

Honoring our past and the craftsmen who produced the Solista Models of the 1920’s, we are introducing the modern "Il Solista", a willing marriage of the traditional past with the sparkle and technical agility of the present.
Our "Il Solista" Saxophone combines the knowledge gleaned from our forefathers with our modern understanding of materials and ergonomy, to create and instrument of great fluidity and warmth of sound.

Materials and Finishes

Elegance into Sound

Only two materials, Copper and Gold … but how they are mixed … how selectively … how passionately !!
These are the ingredients magically mixed into “Il Solista”.

Solista neck
copper and gold
and his Solista
Honoring the Past ...
Focusing on the Future

After years of searching for the "perfect sound" a Rampone Sax is Born.

  • Rampone's wide bore
  • Neck, Body, Bow and Bell - made by Hand
  • Copper gold plated body
  • Matt finish which slows the oxidation process
  • Unlacquered which frees the harmonics
  • Ergonomics
  • Hand engraved
  • 100% made by Hand in Italy
  • Range from low Bb to high F#
  • Options
    Without high F# (/NOF#) -0,150 gr

Solista Alto

Metal Finish
SO Copper and Gold
Neck Copper Gold plated
Body Copper Gold plated
Keys Brass Gold plated
Components Brass Copper plated

Colli Saxofono Custom

Available necks

Regular - X Extreme

Kit R&C

Cork grease - shoulder strap - internal cleaning clothes - microfibre cloth - mouthpiece - legature, reed and cap. (The accessory kit may undergo variations in shape or color. Images inserted for illustrative purposes only).

    Various Finishes,
    a Universe of Sound -
    Your Sound !!